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Juan Belleza Jr
Team Leader
2056 D Kahilum 1 Barangay 870 Zone 95 Pandacan Manila, Philippines
639776459387 / 639155292409

Lea Jean Belleza
2056 D Kahilum 1 Barangay 870 Zone 95 Pandacan Manila, Philippines

James Tulabot
Team Leader

Allen Roel Costales
Sale Manager
522 Tanglaw St. Mandaluyong City Barnagay Plainview

Kristoff Salazar
Sale Team Leader
Unit 1414 Kumagawa Bldg River City Brgy 880 Sta. Ana Manila, Philippines

Xanty Octavo
Sale Manager
8137 Yabut Street Guadalupe Nuevo Makati City , Philippines

Virgilito Dada
Account Manager

Elton Danao
Sale Manager
639175048891 / 639991854086

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But one trait he doesn’t share with nature’s biggest badass is not caring. Mathieu’s dedication to his teammates and community have made him a leader, on and off the field, in spite of battling and injuries and skepticism about his character. Domonique Foxworth wrote a Cover Story on Mathieu for, and joins the show to break down what makes him a model modern NFL defenseman. Then, how the saga of the LSU-Florida cancellation plays into the bigger story of sports safety and the SEC. It’s an unprecedented one in many ways, including that dozens of stadiums and arenas are serving as polling places. That’s a direct result of athlete attention on voting, which took off this summer across sports leagues, but particularly in the NBA. Veteran NBA player and coach Doc Rivers takes us behind the scenes, to tell the story of how – against a backdrop of social and political unrest, as players gathered in the “bubble” due to the pandemic – voting took center stage.

  • He testified that an e-mail he’d sent requesting a low three-month rate was normal practice for someone in his role.
  • Even a draw will mean that Mikel Arteta’s side would only need one win from their final two games, against Newcastle and Everton, to guarantee themselves a place back amongst Europe’s elite.
  • In parts of the world beyond the US, that chaos had already brought life and work to a halt.
  • Even if Vicente accepted the compensation due to dire economic needs, the quitclaim cannot be invalidated on that ground alone.
  • But how did they get here – especially considering their early-season slump?

In 1987, the RAM-HF worked on the “horizontal cut” at Battalion level and below, as MGen Montano pointed out.167 The plotters undermined the chain of command by likewise getting the loyalty of company commanders. They talked to captains and lieutenants who actually handle the troops. An immediate response has been the increase in budget for the military (e.g., after the 1987 coup attempts, the Senate restored P373 million out of the P500 million proposed cut in the DND’s P23 billion budget). There were also measures taken to promote the soldiers’ welfare by expediting action aimed at increasing their material benefits. According to Secretary Ramos, the first direct involvement of the troops of the Scout Rangers was during the 28 August 1987 attempt. They are mobile units of the Armed Forces, continuously operating as a team and assigned from one place to another to influence any given military situation.

VIDEO: Marian Rivera Shows Daughter Zia Dantes Playing Piano

Plus, Redick talks to Pablo about future podcast plans and finding his voice. Desus Nice and Kid Mero, aka The Bodega Boys, make New York sports fandom – in all its glory and shame – a big part of “the brand” they’ve built during their rapid rise as comics. Luka Doncic arrived in style on Sunday, hitting an overtime buzzer beater to even the series between his Dallas Mavericks and the Los Angeles Clippers at 2 games apiece. It capped off a historic 43 point triple double for the 21 year old prodigy. Meanwhile, Chris Paul bullied his way past the Houston Rockets keeping the Oklahoma City Thunder in the fight. ESPN’s Kevin Arnovitz joins the show to discuss these standout performances from the first round of the NBA playoffs. On Wednesday, the Milwaukee Bucks sent shockwaves around the world when they did not take the floor for Game 5 against the Orlando Magic as an act of protest following the police shooting of Jacob Blake. Shortly afterwards, the other two NBA playoff games slated for Wednesday were postponed – with each team’s players refusing to play. From there, games across the WNBA, MLB, and MLS were postponed, as athletes everywhere expressed their solidarity. Later last night, NBA players met to discuss their next moves, and how to move forward together.
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Records reveal that informed that his services were being terminated on the ground of retrenchment as the company was constrained to reduce the number of its personnel “due to the tremendous drop of production output since about the last quarter of 1994 up to the present”. The voluntary arbitrator went as far as saying that [the employee’s] hasty dismissal in the guise of retrenchment was a feeble attempt at circumventing the law. It was shown that was the only employee earning ₱145.00 a day and was qualified to receive the mandated wage increase granted by Wage Order Nos. 4 and 4-A. An increase in his salary would cause a wage distortion in the wage structure of the company, which would necessitate the adjustment of the wages of its other employees. Correctly point out that such an act has been declared by this Court in the case of Trendline Employees Association-Southern Philippines Federation of Labor vs. NLRC as tainted with bad faith and should not be countenanced as being prejudicial and oppressive to labor. Verily, had the not misled into believing that there was a ground to retrench, it is not difficult to believe that he would have thought twice before signing the quitclaim inasmuch there was no reason for the termination of his employment. The NFL playoffs don’t start for another month, but Sunday’s 49ers-Saints offensive explosion definitely had an electric playoff feel. ESPN senior writer Bill Barnwell joins Mina Kimes to break down what led to a blockbuster 90-plus point game in New Orleans. Then, ESPN college football reporter Heather Dinich shares an inside look at the college football team rankings, joining us from the scene of the committee’s Selection Day in Texas.

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It may no longer be modified in any respect, even if the modification is meant to correct what is perceived to be an erroneous conclusion of fact or law, and regardless of whether the modification is attempted to be made by the court rendering it or by the highest court of the land. Just as the losing party has the right to file an appeal within the prescribed period, the winning party has the correlative right to enjoy the finality of the resolution of his case. The instant Petition offers no cogent reason that would sway this Court to make a radical departure from its hesitancy to reopen a case that has attained finality. X x x There is no nexus between intelligence, or even the position which the employee held in the company when it concerns the pressure which the employer may exert upon the free will of the employee who is asked to sign a release and quitclaim. But, as his University of Memphis team gets ready to play Oregon tonight, the focus is on whether Wiseman should be on the court at all. ESPN basketball analyst Jay Bilas joins Mina Kimes to discuss Wiseman’s situation, the role his coach Penny Hardaway played, and what it all means for the rights of college athletes. In the midst of becoming the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan retired from the NBA and set his sights on baseball. Jordan training with the White Sox and joining the minor leagues created major media buzz, as ball players and fans criticized the move. ESPN senior writer Steve Wulf was with Sports Illustrated at the time, and his 1994 coverage of Jordan’s foray into baseball made news of its own, as it angered MJ himself. Wulf tells us about Michael’s efforts to succeed with the Double-A Birmingham Barons, and how Jordan may have been closer than we know to being called up to bigs, had he not returned to basketball.

In a re-spin of one of our favorite episodes, Greg Wyshynski caught up with the couple, and the photographer, and joins the show to share how that iconic image endures to this day. American politicians cannot stop talking about young transgender athletes. Eight states now have laws or policies on the books restricting transgender athletes’ access to youth sports, with seven states enacting them in 2021 alone. As a new school year begins and youth sports regain a foothold after pandemic precautions, these proposals have transgender kids stuck in the middle of the ongoing and often ugly battle over science and assumption, sex and gender identity, politics and policy. Katie Barnes covers transgender issues for ESPN and joins the show to explain the contours of the debate. America’s pastime is predicated on tradition, hard work, and luck in getting to the show of MLB. Minor leaguers today face pay that puts them below the poverty line, grueling schedules, and little support for the mental health and other problems that can arise from that. Joon Lee brings us a deep dive into the world of the minor leagues. After losing the 2019 NBA Finals, the Warriors had two lost seasons and all but disappeared from any conversation about contenders. But ESPN’s Nick Friedell assures us that the Warriors are back with star point guard Steph Curry and former Defensive Player of the Year Draymond Green bringing their unique synergy to the long road that leads to the NBA’s mountaintop.

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And the Olympic Village, which typically serves as a giant party for the athletes, promises to be much more subdued. All of it, of course, is to hopefully keep the coronavirus from spiking, and possibly forcing the Games to be halted. Pablo caught up with ESPN producer, Tony Florkowski, who is getting ready to work his 14th Olympic Games, and is currently quarantined in his hotel room. Then, Jason Coskrey of the Japan Times helps us understand how the people of Japan are reacting to these Olympics set to begin under a state of emergency. The Little League World Series returns to action in Williamsport, PA today. While it won’t be the truly global event it usually is, kids will still play their hearts out in the games.

Brian Windhorst helps us process what happened Sunday, and sets up the Conference Finals. May is Mental Health Awareness Month and it’s a major topic in sports right now, as more elite athletes share personal struggles. Olympic skier Mikaela Shiffrin is one of the greatest of all time, hurtling down the slopes at breakneck speed. But in Beijing this year she stopped just seconds into a race where she was expected to take gold. Alyssa Roenigk talked to Shiffrin about this moment in Beijing, and how she’s taken a new approach to speaking her mind, public scrutiny and processing family grief. But best-selling author and ESPN Daily mythbuster David Epstein puts the theory to the test again, and explains why the 10,000 hours myth has gained so much attention. Many podcast platforms limit the number of episodes in the show feed, but the entire archive of ESPN Daily episodes is available in the playlist above and the list below. Depending on the day and time, recent episodes might only appear in the playlist above.

As for numbers 1 and 7, there has been no new intelligence unit created under the President. It was decided instead to use the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency for this purpose. By late Sunday, 6 July, the loyalists had managed to commandeer several buses and to barricade Roxas Boulevard, P Burgos Street, Bonifacio Drive, and T M Kalaw Street. What many considered incredible is the fact that, despite the extremely tense atmosphere and the presence of armed soldiers from both sides, no provocation or untoward incident happened to trigger a bloody encounter, which would have surely killed thousands of civilians in the crossfire. Instead, the soldiers sent by Marcos’s generals were offered prayers, cigarettes, food, drinks, and even flowers. History has shown that the massing of people although unarmed could, by sheer force of numbers, radically influence the outcome of events. There are several historical examples within the Gandhian tradition and the US civil rights movement. But in the Philippines, the February 1986 experience is an unprecedented occurrence of the same phenomenon.
The country becomes the Philippine Republic and swims-or sinks-alone. The theory behind the Act was to provide a ten-year transition during which the islands could learn-to swim. The question of independence is alluringly complex, even if we do not touch upon the question whether or not the Filipinos are capable of self-government. Early in 1939 the situation provided one of the most attractive paradoxes we shall find in all this long tour of the East. In Manila those closest to him are probably his secretary Jorge Vargas, who is his man-about-politics, and his aide-de-camp Major Manuel Nieto. He knows all the secrets; when Quezon went on the operating table at Johns Hopkins, he dictated to Nieto the letters that were to be opened only in the event of his death. Nieto, a fine athlete and boxer, was in the tobacco business before taking his present post. Also close to Quezon are the four Elizalde brothers, of an old and distinguished Spanish family who took out Filipino citizenship recently. They are very rich; the four compose their own quite good polo team.

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It was do-or-die for Dallas last night, and the Cowboys decided to do. But a win over Philadelphia might not be the turning point everyone assumes it is. Have the Cowboys really saved their season — and Jason Garrett’s head-coaching job — in the process? Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Don Van Natta explains, reminding us that Dallas’ owner and GM is Jerry Jones. As the NBA tips off tonight, all eyes turn to the Staples Center in LA. Two superstars that could’ve ended up on the same team, now battling each other for league dominance. Basketball insider Ramona Shelburne breaks down this new rivalry and its implications for LA’s sports scene – and basketball at large. Masvidal owns the record for fastest knockout in UFC history – five seconds – and got his start fighting in backyard brawls organized by Kimbo Slice. After spending time with Masvidal in his hometown of Miami, ESPN’s Brett Okamoto talks with Mina Kimes about the man they call “Gamebred” and his rapid rise to superstardom. After Sunday’s packed NFL slate, ESPN insider Bill Barnwell joins Mina Kimes to discuss how Lamar Jackson and the Ravens handed Tom Brady and the Patriots their first loss of the season Sunday night.
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Tim Keown shares Lance’s story, and why he’s captured the attention of NFL scouts everywhere. Epstein applies his findings to trends like more superstars performing well as they age, and why getting kids to specialize in one sport might actually lead to injury rather than wins, in a re-air of one of our favorite episodes. One of ESPN’s most prestigious events, the Scripps National Spelling Bee, names a champion tonight. Families from across the country cheer on their finalist spellers, and it’s all broadcast live on ESPN2 at 8PM Eastern. Host Kevin Negandhi shares how the bee works, and why it means so much to the Indian-American community. Hear about the fierce field of competitors, and see how Kevin and Pablo do with a word or two. Their heartbreaking loss to the Houston Astros right before the All-Star break is a prime example of the struggles they’ve been through this year, and their season doesn’t get any easier from here. In their path to redemption lie their storied rivals, the Boston Red Sox, who sit atop the American League East, enjoying an 8-game lead over their rivals. Jeff Passan tells us how the Bronx Bombers have been defused, and whether or not there’s still hope for them this season. Then, how Jusuf Nurkic is trying to buy vaccines for all of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
NBA analyst Kirk Goldsberry joins Mina Kimes to explore how the Harden-Westbrook relationship will shape the Rockets’ season. ESPN NHL insider Greg Wyshynski joins Mina Kimes to tell you why fewer players are dropping the gloves, how the game itself is moving toward a different style of play, and what that means for the future of the sport. A Georgia win would most likely earn both teams a trip to the College Football Playoff, and leave the Big 12 and Pac-12 champions on the outside looking in. ESPN’s Paul Finebaum takes a look at the matchup, and weighs in on who deserves to be in. LeBron James has turned basketball on its head, from the moment he first stepped onto the court. But how much has basketball changed since LeBron got his start – and how much has he paved the way for his son to succeed…or to fail? ESPN’s Brian Windhorst joins Mina Kimes to get an inside look at the lives and careers of LeBron and Bronny James, the nature of fame, and the impact of sports on family. On Saturday, the San Francisco 49ers’ defense stymied Kirk Cousins and the Minnesota Vikings. In Baltimore, the Ravens were upset by a stout Tennessee Titans defense and ferocious rushing attack. And on Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs engineered a breathtaking comeback over the Houston Texans, and Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers held on to defeat the Seattle Seahawks.

  • He loves cards and alcohol; also he loves his country and his career.
  • This result implies that social media crisis communication can have a stronger impact on lowering employees’ resistance to change when OCB is highly expressed among employees.
  • For its part, petitioner Bancommerce denied the existence of any merger with Traders Royal Bank.
  • While rights may be waived, the same must not be contrary to law, public order, public policy, morals or good customs or prejudicial to a third person with a right recognized by law.

Consequently, the bank’s claim must be dismissed as the trial court loses jurisdiction over the case. Meanwhile, notwithstanding its initial rulings that Tomas Ang was deemed to have waived his right to present evidence for failure to appear during the pendency of his petition before the Court of Appeals, the trial court decided to continue with the hearing of the case. If you are paying through Automatic Debit /Charge Arrangement or Post-Dated Checks and you wish to avail the one-time 60-day grace period, please inform us so we can suspend your nominated Auto-Debit Bank Account, Credit Card and hold your issued PDCs. If we do not receive any advice from you, we shall continue with your Automatic Debit /Charge and PDC payments, as scheduled. This partnership made it possible to develop this unique insurance bundle to address the most basic but oftentimes overlooked protection needs. Eventually, every audit gets involved in direct testing of account balances to determine whether there is a material misstatement in the account balance or the financial statements as a whole. The auditor must not only analyze technical requirements, but is called upon increasingly to comment on the overall fairness of presentation – at least to the audit committee. Finally, we need to emphasize that there are many areas of financial statement audits where simply technical auditing will not work. For example, the auditor needs to understand strategies, the economy, competition, and so forth to make estimates of inventory obsolescence, collectibility of receivables, or product warranty liabilities.
ESPN’s Dave Wilson tells us who might – or might not – deserve credit for one of the sports world’s most famous sentences. Then, listeners and friends of ESPN Daily share their sports superstitions with us, ahead of Halloween. And after marquee matchups like the SEC title game, between #1 Georgia and #3 Alabama, forex scam and #2 Michigan vs. #13 Iowa in the Big Ten Championship, the College Football Playoff committee will decide who is in, and who is out of this year’s playoff. But beyond determining this year’s finalists, the committee is also coming off a meeting where they discussed the potential of expanding the playoff.

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